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SOTMC - August 2022: Welcome-ish Stencil Set


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Design: August 2022: Welcome-ish Stencil Set (3 pack)

12"x16" Welcome-ish Stencil:

  • Welcome-ish, Depends on who you are
  • Welcome, Just kidding. Go away.
  • Bienvenidos

12"x16" Patio Rules Collage Stencil:

  • Welcome, Patio Rules, sit and relax, appreciate this day, feel the breeze, listen to the birds, day dream, enjoy every season, read a book, sip a good drink, make memories.

12"x16" Hello Collage Stencil:

  • Hallo, guten tag, namaste, shalom, hello, aloha, ola, dia dhuit, hey, ni hao, hola, anyoung haseyo, bonjour, hej, privet, howdy, marhaba, konnichiwa
  • Welcome to our home, please leave by 9pm
  • as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, Joshua 24:15

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