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SOTMC - March 2021: Spring Vibes Stencil Set

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Design: Spring Vibes Stencil Set (3 pack)


12"x16" Spring collage stencil

12"x16" Easter peeps stencil

12"x16" Spring poems stencil

1. Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be

2. Spring Vibes

3. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, breeze blowing... oh how I love spring

4. Follow the bunny he has chocolate

5. Hey peeps!

6. Bunny kisses & Easter wishes

7. Chillin' with my peeps

Premium Reusable Sign Stencils: Made of flexible mylar, these amazingly durable stencils are rugged enough to reuse over & over. You'll save time, effort & waste... and get gorgeous results every time.